Hull FC in scheme to help disadvantaged youngsters

Hull FC are hoping to raise £50,000 to give disadvantaged youngsters from deprived areas season passes to their matches in 2016.

The club aims to give more than 330 young people the opportunity to attend their games next season.

As well as attending matches the scheme also offers transport to games, food and the chance to earn an arts qualification.

Gareth Ellis, the club’s captain, told the BBC: “As a club we can make a massive difference to people.”

Hull is currently ranked as the third most deprived local authority in England, with seven of it’s wards amongst the 1% of the most deprived in the country.

Luke Medcalf, from community centre Hessle Road Network, that is involved in the scheme said: “There used to be a hustle and bustle around this area with the fish trade.

“That went and left a big hole where people filled it with a lot of bad things including drugs, domestic violence and crime.”

The scheme is also in memory of former Hull FC academy player Brad Parker who died in a car crash at the end of November.


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